Drake Cooper | Backstage Pass Internship 2016

The Drake Cooper Backstage Pass is the largest advertising internship in Idaho. Hundreds of resumes are submitted for the most competitive advertising internship in the state with only six interns being selected to become Drake Cooper-ites for the entire summer. We learned art, copy & code and were required to bring the ambition.

I collaborated with a small team to create creative and strategic work for clients. I was exposed to every aspect of advertising and learned how to use my strengths in concepting, strategy, design, and development. 

Clients: Idaho Beef Council, Bogus Basin, CBH Homes, J.A and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and Visit Idaho.

Campaign: Balihoo Heart of Idaho Event

Balihoo has raised more than $100,000 for charities in the Treasure Valley and were raising money this particular year for the Idaho Youth Ranch. I was tasked with designing a logo for the event with the theme of the year: casino night. Below are the unselected comps: 




CAMPAIGN: Idaho Beef Council | Lean Towards Beef

The Idaho Beef Council tasked the interns with creating engaging content that would redirect to the website for recipes, encouraging consumers to eat more meat. 

I designed an illustrative post for their Instagram account that would be playful and attention grabbing as users scrolled through their feeds. The interns wrote copy, created a media plan, and made digital collateral. 

Creative: Design, digital collateral